SINCE 1995

Since 1995, SVL Lighting has created innovative lighting solutions, with a focus on service and reliability for our clients. We have an extensive network of local and international partners to ensure our clients are kept up with the dynamic LED lighting world. OSRAM is SVL's chosen lighting partner ensuring our clients move with the best.


Specializing in LED commercial, retail, residential and restaurant lighting designs.


SVL can create a competitive lighting solution for you!


Ideal for spaces such as foyers, hotels, corridors, displays, function rooms and residential


                            CRI 95                               

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  • Recessed fixed downlight

  • 13.5W & 18.5W

  • Ø 90mm

  • IP40 LED Module

  • Beam Angle 15°,25°,38° & 60°

  • Minimal trim to integrate with ceiling

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Kevin Stirtz

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